Duke Fuqua School of Business Bryan Bollinger
Assistant Professor of Marketing

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      Working Papers

  • "Credibility-Enhancing Displays Promote the Provision of a Non-Normative Public Good" with Gordon Craft-Todd, Stefan Lamp, David Rand, and Ken Gillingham

Work In Progress

  • "Estimating Heterogeneous Treatment Effects with Pre-Treatment Panel Data" with Wes Hartmann
  • "Word-of-Mouth and Tipping in Durable Good Adoption" with Ken Gillingham and Stefan Lamp
  • "How Context Affects Choice" with Raphael Thomadsen, Robert P. Rooderkerk, On Amir, Neeraj Arora, Karsten Hansen, Leslie John, Wendy Liu, Aner Sela, Vishal Singh, K. Sudhir, Wendy Wood
  • "Household Discount Rates and Net Energy Metering Incentives for Rooftop Solar Adoption" with Kenneth Gillingham, Justin Kirpatrick, and Steve Sexton
  • "Green Technology Adoption and Advertising"
    With support from the Environmental Protection Agency
  • "Measuring Asymmetric Persistence and Interaction Effects of Media Exposures Across Platforms" with Michael Cohen and Lai Jiang
  • "Visibility and Peer Effects in Solar Adoption" with Ken Gillingham, Steve Sexton, and Justin Kirpatrick
  • "Spatial Competition in Growing Markets: A Dynamic Model of Entry" with Ulrich Doraszelski and Ryan McDevitt
  • "Seasonal Latent Segments in the US Video Game Market" with Minjung Kwon and Masakazu Ishihara


Last updated on March 25, 2016