Stern School of Business Bryan Bollinger
Assistant Professor of Marketing

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  • "How Context Affects Choice" with Raphael Thomadsen, Robert P. Rooderkerk, On Amir, Neeraj Arora, Karsten Hansen, Leslie John, Wendy Liu, Aner Sela, Vishal Singh, K. Sudhir, Wendy Wood (2017, Customer Needs and Solutions, 5(1-2): 3-14)
      Working Papers

  • "Equilibrium Effects of Competition on Solar Photovoltaic Demand and Pricing" with Kenneth Gillingham and Stefan Lamp
    With support from the Department of Energy

  • "Making Pro-Social Social: The Effectiveness of Social Norm Appeals using Social Media" with Ken Gilligham and Kelley Gullo
  • "What is the Value of Conformity? Evidence from Home Landscaping and Water Conservation" with Jesse Burkhardt, Nathan Chan, and Kenneth Gillingham
      Work in Progress
  • "Estimating Heterogeneous Treatment Effects with Pre-Treatment Panel Data" with Wes Hartmann
  • "Household Discount Rates and Net Energy Metering Incentives for Rooftop Solar Adoption" with Kenneth Gillingham, Justin Kirpatrick, and Steve Sexton
  • "Welfare Impacts of Solar Tariffs' with Todd Geraden, Ken Gillingham, James Roberts, Drew Vollmer, and Daniel Xu
  • "Seasonal Latent Segments in the US Video Game Market" with Minjung Kwon and Masakazu Ishihara
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Last updated on July 1, 2019